Center for Fetal Diagnostics

Aarhus University / Aarhus University Hospital

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Center for fetal diagnosis is a knowledge and research center within prenatal  diagnostics. We come from fetal medicine, anthropology and genetics, and we work closely together with a number of other specialties, including neonatology, child cardiology, child nephrology, child orthopedics, clinical biochemistry and neurosurgery.


Denmark has had a free-for-all, national, prenatal screening program since 2004, and more than 90% of all pregnant women participate. This has resulted in a 1/3 decrease in the number of newborns with Down syndrome. There is a great attention hereto in the media, in research and in the Down syndrome society, whereas the women, who have chosen to terminate pregnancies, are very quiet.

At present prenatal diagnostics are changing again – this time driven by the development of genetic techniques and the consequent changes in conditions, ethical, professional and information challenges.

Denmark has unique data because we have systematically collected prenatal karyotypes after 1968. Since 2008 a national clinical database links results from ultrasound examinations during pregnancy with genetic results. We use these data to illustrate the occurrence over time of a number of chromosomal diseases and malformations, as well as detection rates at various ultrasound-related and genetic techniques (Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), chromosome analyses and Chromosomal MicroArray).


We also focus on the preferences of pregnant woman and of the health professionals through surveys and anthropological fieldwork in clinical practice.

We have received funding from  "Regionernes udviklingspulje, Forskningsrådet for  Sundhed og Sygdom, The Foundation of 17-12-1981, Aarhus University and a 5 year grant from  Novo Nordisk Foundation. 


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